Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Sorting out the Zorki 6

One-inch strips of black yarn at either end of the top back channel seems to have gotten rid of the light leak that appeared in previous pictures made with the Zorki 6.

Getting some experience with the camera has helped me to avoid pressing the rewind release button instead of the shutter release.

A small vertical misalignment of the rangefinder image was corrected by just slightly tightening the front ring of the rf window.

One issue remains to be corrected.  The film is slightly tilted as it goes over the film gate.  I think the cause of that is the slight height difference between modern 35mm film cartridges and those made in the Soviet Union.  My FED 1g had the same problem, and the fix was to put a narrow plastic washer on top of the film cartridge.

The roll of Kentmere 400 was shot in Albuquerque's Old Town.  I processed the roll in HC110b for six minutes at 22F and got good negative density.

The lens for the Old Town shoot was my Industar 61-L/D; it seems to me to perform about the same as the Industar 26M that came with the camera.  Next, I'll try the Jupiter 8 2/50.

I'm getting a little more comfortable with using VueScan and GIMP-2.10 on my old IMAC, but neither offers the fine-tuned image adjustments formerly available on my XP desktop running Silverfast and Photoshop CS2.

I'm happy so far with the camera.  The controls are nicely placed, the flip-open back is convenient, and the dioper viewfinder adjustment is very welcome to my old right eye.  I don't miss slow speeds and 1/500 is plenty fast for me; plus the thus-simplified shutter is bound to be more reliable.

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