Sunday, August 07, 2022

Chance Encounters

 We went to a backyard jazz concert this evening.  A woman we had not seen in ten years was in the audience.  She was the person who adopted one of the cats who hung out in our backyard at our first home in Albuquerque.  I wrote a tribute to that cat, Spot, when he went off to his new home.  He was just one of quite a few, all of whom were ultimately adopted.  Well, we did keep one, Ruthie, who I have photographed many times.  And, of course, we also came to town with two others, Richard and Rio.  Anyway, it seemed like a good excuse to celebrate all the cat friends in our life.



momma cat


Rio & Richard




Angelitos Negros - Eartha Kitt - 1953

1 comment: said...

Ah, yes. Ruthie, the fur machine who has been your patient model for many different cameras. Nice kitty.