Monday, August 19, 2019

Falcon Field Revisited

On previous visits to Phoenix I've often reserved a morning to visit the PIMA air museum in Tucson. With temps above 100 degrees, however, wandering around acres of concrete was just not a practical option. So, we made a shorter trip to Falcon Field in Mesa where most of the restored aircraft are in a couple big hangers.

With my last visit to the place in mind I loaded the Leica IIIa with TMAX 100 and attached the Jupiter 12 35mm, anticipating the opportunity to shoot the B-17 and some of the other big planes out on the tarmac.  As it turned out, the big planes were out flying around somewhere else, and we were confined to the dimly lit hangers.  This fine looking craft was at the front of the hanger.  I think it is a Stinson Reliant.


JR Smith said...

Great shot! One of my favorite places to visit when I lived in the Phoenix area!

Mike said...

I always enjoy visiting airshows and museums that feature old aircraft. There is certainly some similarity in the appeal of the old planes and cameras from the same era in regard to the blends of craftsmanship and functionality.