Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Salt River Crossing

In our past visits to family in Phoenix we have always opted to take the quickest route from Albuquerque, passing through Flagstaff and then south on Highway 17.  This time we decided to take a more leisurely path, striking south from Holbrook and heading down along Arizona's east side through Show Low and Globe.

The spectacular Salt River Canyon is located mid-way between Show Low and Globe.  Two bridges span the river there; the single lane steel bridge built in 1933 is now just for pedestrian traffic

We retraced the same path on the way home and enjoyed an escape from the summer heat of Phoenix in the higher elevations north of Globe.  We stayed on Highway 60 through Show Low which ultimately got us to Socorro, New Mexico, just an hour from Albuquerque.  Rain followed us much of the way, and the temperature dropped to a low of 59 degrees as we passed the Very Large Array.

The Highway 60 two-lane road traverses a great variety of terrain including pine forested mountain slopes and arid grasslands.  The trip was a little longer than going through Flagstaff, but the added time seemed insignificant because of the sparse traffic and the great scenery.


JR Smith said...

The VLA was always on my list of places to visit--can you take photos there?

Mike said...

Yes, the VLA provides a lot of opportunities for photographers. You can walk right up to the dishes that are near the visitor center.
I had planned to stop at the VLA on our way back from Phoenix, but it was raining when we got to the turn on Highway 60 near Magdalena. We did snap a couple shots of a dish near the highway where the positioning rail track crosses the road. I'm going to plan a trip down there sometime soon.