Tuesday, January 01, 2019


A sunny day illuminated the Sandia Mountains graced with a six-inch layer of snow.  I took the dog and my Kodak Reflex II tlr loaded with TMY 400 for a walk up the Embudito Trail.  I got a couple overlapping frames on the roll, but the camera otherwise performed pretty well until I reached the eighth frame.

I was able during the first half of the walk to let the dog loose while I concentrated on making pictures.  When I started running into people and their dogs I had to put the dog back on the leash, and that pushed beyond the boundaries of success with an old tlr.

Near the top of the trail I decided to try a close-up shot.  I got the film advanced to the eighth frame, but my slightlly impaired  vision, the dog pulling on the leash and numb hands ended my photo session.  I stared cranking the focus without really seeing or feeling what I was doing and managed to completely screw off both lenses which dropped into the snow.  While that was it for the tlr, I thought I might still grab a few shots on the way back down the mountain with the Olympus Infinity Stylus I had in my pocket.  Looking at the time, however, I saw that it was 3:30 PM.  I was supposed to be sitting down to dinner with freinds at 4:30 and we were at the top of a long, slippery trail and a drive across town.  So, I just hooked up the dog and we made as close as I could get to a lightning descent.

The next day, after consulting Rick Oleson's exploded-view drawing  and the berndtmn camera repair page, I spent a couple hours reinstalling and collimating the lenses on the Reflex II.  I'll load a roll of Acros to see if I got the focus properly set.  Most of the snow was burned off the Sandias after another day of sunshine, but we look to be in for another big storm starting on New Years Day.


Jim Grey said...

Every time you get out this camera I want to try one. I love it's boxy aesthetic and that lens delivers the goods.

Sounds like your foot is better enough to get out!

Mike said...

I like the Reflex II a lot, partly because it has a nice bright screen compared to a lot of its contemporaries. I'll see how the lens work went on my next outing. I should really do some clean-up work on the film advance.
Walking on hard surfaces still gives me some problems, but I'm able to do a mile or two with little difficulty on natural ground. Vision has improved a bit. The weather may keep me indoors for a coupe days. Right now I'm watching snow go by my window horizontally at 30 mph.

JR Smith said...

It's good to see you out making pictures! Happy New Year!

Mike said...

I got better exercise than pictures on this outing, but I'm hoping to better the ratio on the next try.

Kodachromeguy said...

These are fabulous. And from a Kodak TLR at that. Nice job with the exposures and in preserving texture in the snow!

Mike said...

Thanks. I've always had good results from this camera. That was the last of the Tmax I had on hand, but I have a roll of Acros loaded now and look forward to seeing what comes from sloshing it in Rodinal.