Saturday, January 26, 2019


I took a cool early morning stroll through Albuquerque's Old Town with my restored Rokkor-QD 3.5/135mm lens mounted on a Minolta XG-1.  The perspective provided by the long lens forced most of my compositions into a vertical mode.  I was happy with the performance of the lens; less so with the camera.

I bought two Minolta XG-1 cameras with no intention of using either one.  The first donated its prism to the restoration of my Retina Reflex, and I just hacked the prism out of the camera with no regard for what was left behind.  The second XG-1 came along with the Rokkor-QD telephoto for a total price of twelve bucks.  That one worked ok, but the plastic top deck had a number of cracks.  I replaced the top with the one from the first XG-1 to see how the camera would perform.
    The electronic shutter has some issues.  I like the small size and light weight of the XG-1, but I likely won't devote more time to its restoration as my garage-sale Minolta X-700 seems to be in good working order and it is a fundamentally superior camera to the XG-1.  I have ordered a Celtic 2.8/28mm lens for the X-700 to accompany the normal lens and the telephoto, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with the kit.


JR Smith said...

A day spent shooting verticals would be a fun learning experience. Thanks for the great idea!

Mike said...

It is an often overlooked opportunity, partly these days because on line displays favor the horizontal. Kodachromeguy showed me some really nice vertical panoramics recently with a unique view of the Chaco ruins.