Saturday, January 05, 2019

Acros in the Kodak Reflex II

I got the lenses back on the Reflex II and then took a walk in the neighborhood to catch the remains of the last snow storm.

I mostly shoot 400 speed film with my medium format cameras, but I really like the Acros/Rodinal combination.

The close-ups I did with the camera were a little soft, so I'll need to try again to adjust the focus properly.  I think I'll likely go all the way with cleaning and adjusting as the Reflex II is really pretty easy to work on compared to most twin lens reflex cameras.  I just used the ruby window on this occasion for advancing the film, but it is faster and safer to let the camera handle the spacing when things are working right.


Julio F said...

I can see why you like the combination. The lens in that camera seems pretty good. I have vowed to avoid 620 but this is tempting.

Mike said...

I resisted using 620 for a long time, but finally relented as I have several 620 Kodaks that I like a lot. Re-rolling 120 onto 620 reels turned out to be pretty easy and really only takes a few minutes. The current featured post over in the right column illustrates my method for using 120 film in 620 cameras.
An alternative to the Kodak Reflex II which uses 120 film is the Mamiyaflex II which is kind of a Kodak Reflex clone.