Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Twin Trouble

I took my Yashica-Mat twin-lens reflex to Chaco about a year ago hoping to do some pictures of the ruins, but the film advance jammed on the first shot.  I tried another roll recently on a walk through Albuquerque's Old Town and found that it still has a problem with the shutter release and the film advance.  I was able to get past the problem with some jiggling of the focus control, but a good cleaning and adjustment is clearly called for.  I found a good service guide on the web, so will try to motivate myself to tackle the job some time in the future.  I have several good tlr cameras in addition to the Yashica-Mat, but the Lumaxar lens on the Yashica is a stellar performer.


Kodachromeguy said...

The sunshine chair is fabulous. It just glows. And yes, it looks like a medium format frame. Your essay has reminded me to get my Rolleiflex with 3.5 Xenotar out for exercise.

JR Smith said...

My best friend in my high school camera club had a Yashica-Mat and I was always envious of those glorious big negatives. I lost touch with him 20 years ago but at that time, he still had that camera and used it occasionally.

People who own these cameras just love them. I've never shot one.

Mike said...

It always surprises me when I get back to any of my medium format cameras what good images they produce, even those with very simple lenses.

James Harr said...

If you need parts, I have a broken 124G I can send you.

Mike said...

Hey, thanks for that nice offer. I'll dig into it and see what it
looks like in there. It is possible a little bending and lubing will
do the trick. I'm a little nervous about the process as there are a
lot of little screws that need to come out.