Friday, October 27, 2017


I shot a roll of Rerapan in the Ihagee Auto-Ultrix hoping that the new (and pricey) film would help me sort out the capabilities of the little 127 camera.  That didn't quite work out as planned.  The camera developed some light leaks which showed up in about half the images. 

I cropped out the light leaks in the shot of doll.  I thought the combination of Rerapan and HC-110 was not very successful, but the lens does seem adequately sharp when the focus is accurate.  The shots I've made so far with the camera may actually represent the best I am going to get from it.  I'll take another stab at it when I've sorted out the light leak issue.
    I've seen som nice work done with Rerapan.  I think I'll try processing the remaining roll in Rodinal.  The film comes in a nice little black plastic tube which will be useful for protecting 127 cartridges.  I'll be able re-use the backing paper with my bulk Portra 160 and possibly with other film types if my film slitter works properly.


Jim Grey said...

I eagerly await your future Rerapan results. I do wish to shoot my 127 cameras more and am willing to spring for the stuff if it performs.

Mike said...

I may try the last roll in my Foth Derby which is a lot easier to work with. I have also been thinking about switching my processing to PMK Pyro which Rick Drawbridge always gets terrific results from even with the cheap films.