Saturday, September 06, 2014

A swim and a walk

Margaret said she wanted to swim in a lake for her birthday, so we drove to Santa Rosa and pitched our tent beside the big reservoir there.

There were a few other campers at the State Park, but she was the only one in the water.

Back home, I took my usual morning walk and finished off the strip of Tri-X in the Flash Bantam.  I'm exposing it at 200 ASA and developing in Tmax developer at 1:9 dilution.

The Mercedes is nearly always parked in the corner lot east of the Plaza Vieja.  I'm guessing there is a connection to the Rattlesnake Museum which is just around the corner.


Jim said...

I love the composition and gritty look of the first shot.

Mike said...

Thanks. Not a great scenic location; it looks like a lot of other dammed NM reservoirs. It was a great little camping trip, though. I'm glad I had the Flash Bantam along to bring home some Kodak memories.

JR Smith said...

Wonderful black and white as always!

Julio F said...

Beautiful way to pass a birthday! The Mercedes is intriguing.