Tuesday, September 30, 2014

mixing color

My fourth roll of DIY color was shot with my Mamiya C330.



russian olive

pink bucket

good fence, good neighbor

grey cat
I mixed in quite a few variables into this last effort.  So, it won't pass muster as a clinical trial, but it was fun and it worked out pretty well.  The film is Lomography 100, the cheapest color C-41 film I could find at $4 per roll.  I processed the film in one of my plastic Paterson tanks and agitated with the twiddler stick rather than with inversions.  The color looks pretty faithful to reality to me and similar to what I get from the Fuji 200, though maybe a bit more contrasty.

The addition of the handgrip and the poroprism to the C330 has made it somewhat easier to shoot with, but the size and weight of the big tlr is still something of a challenge.  The prism finder shows less than what gets on the film and forced some cropping for composition in the final images.  Carrying around the camera by the grip for a morning left me with a sore, swollen left wrist.


JR Smith said...

I give you credit for shooting with that big Mamiya. I tried one once and found it awkward. Nicely done!

Jim said...

The colors are slide-like. Very nice.

Mike said...

The C330 has extraordinary optics which make up some for the terrible ergonomics. I need to focus more on putting the camera's weight more on the neck strap and less on my wrists. Using the waist-level finder helps in that respect as well.

Julio F said...

Well, you have the color development hands down. I must congratulate you for using the C330. I once held that model and walked away from purchasing it, too large for me.