Friday, September 12, 2014

a couple more

These are two more from the same roll of home-processed C-41 as the previous post.  The bike shot is a little different from what I intended in the composition because of some frame overlap.  Nothing wrong with the Mercury; I just need to remember to keep my fingers away from the rewind knob.

Albuquerque is a good place for bicycling; mostly flat and some good bike lanes and paths around the city.  As a commercial enterprise, however, bike rental is a tricky business.  This bike shop used to be located not far from me on Mountain which is a good place to ride, but doesn't get much tourist traffic.  The current Old Town location has plenty of tourists, but the surrounding streets have some intimidating traffic congestion.  I'm thinking they need to get more creative in regard to making the rentals available in hotels and similar places, and maybe provide some pick-up and delivery as well.

Albuquerque's car culture provides a lot of photo ops.  It seems to be waning a bit lately, though.  Not as many weekend car shows to go to as I recall from recent years.


Jim said...

The colors in the bicycle shot are warm and wonderful.

Jim said...

P.S. I think "car culture" may well be fading everywhere. The current generation doesn't appear to be very interested in cars or driving as a rule.

Mike said...

I think you are likely right about the course of car culture. I suspect it is somewhat related to the demise of interest in collecting and shooting old film cameras.