Thursday, September 18, 2014

so far so good

My second roll of home-processed color is from my Kodak Flash Bantam, shot on an over-cast day.

The color seems to match my recollection of the scenes pretty well.

A couple posts I found on the web about using the Unicolor kit implied that a final dip in photo-flo was not needed.  I tried it out and got a bunch of water spots.  Luckily, a quick re-dip in my usual dilute solution of photo-flo eliminated any spots.

The development time for Unicolor at 102F is just 3.5 minutes.  I would be more comfortable with more time which would be more forgiving of small timing errors.  So far, though, I can't see any real problem with the actual results.


JR Smith said...

So impressed with this home processing of color!

Mike said...

The process is not significantly different from diy black and white. I would rate the level of difficulty at about that of baking a cake. I've got a roll of Fuji in my Contaflex now which will be up next. After that, I hope to try some color 120.

Jim said...

It's encouraging to see you have such success with color processing. I especially like seeing you do this with Fujicolor 200. It's a film I know well, which gives me a basis for judgment on your results, which are good.

Julio F said...

Great results, and now you are master of your negatives. That Bantam has a good lens.