Sunday, April 29, 2012

Backup Panda

I decided to get a mate for my Panda.  

The new one on the left came with no chips in the case, but it did have about a twenty-five-year accumulation of cigarette smoke residue.  Fortunately, I was able to clean things up fine with some lens cleaning fluid.  I doubt the original owner was so lucky.

I'm going to try this custom viewfinder hood the next time I get out with the Panda.  I'm thinking having two Panda will also let me load slow and fast film.  Given the latitude of modern films, I should be ready for about anything.


Vitaly said...

Another fine set of images, oh Panda Master!

And with two cameras you now have this possibility: Stereo Panda!

Mike said...

Part of the charm of the Panda is that it has possibilities for image creation that seem to go far beyond its very basic construction. Another reason for its appeal occurred to me this morning as I was looking at the car show pictures made with the Panda. The Panda and other tlr-type cameras hanging down on the neck strap give you the vantage point of about a nine-year-old child. So, going to a car show and pointing the camera at say a '49 Ford transports me back to my childhood.

robert said...

Wonderful shots of some real beauties. I like that nine-year-old vantage point, it works like a charm for a car show, without having to stoop!

Norman Montifar said...

Great shots as usual, Mike. You always do wonders with your little toys. It's funny how we both shot classic cars recently.

Mike said...

New Mexico has a lot of old cars. The two yearly shows I most look forward to are this one at Cabezon Park and the Art Museum car show which is scheduled for the 20th of May. They provide a good excuse to use some of the old cameras, and it is always fun to try coming up with new angles for pictures.