Friday, April 06, 2012

Fraternal Twins

I acquired the camera on the right some time ago, and it has made some nice pictures for me.  A small, intermittent light leak led me to buy another recently.  The Argus 40 seems to differ only in a few cosmetic details from the Argoflex Forty.  The second one had no light leaks, but the internal lens surfaces required some cleaning.  I partially disassembled the Argoflex while I was working on the new one and found that the middle lens element was a little loose in the mount.  We'll see if that was what was responsible for the light leak.

Meanwhile, the Argus 40 seems to be working perfectly.  The 75mm coated Varex Anastigmat is nicely sharp, and I very much like the tonal values it produces on TMAX 100.


Jim said...

Nice results from your little box(es).

robert said...

The tones are very nice. Think it's a keeper and belongs in your everyday kit.

Julio F said...

Good boxes, and excellent results. I like that last picture of the fountain.