Tuesday, April 10, 2012

bosque stroll


edthened said...

Och Mike, re last tree foti is awfie fine :-) :-)

Mike said...

Hi, Ed. Nice to hear from you.
I was pleased when I got home from my walk and developed the film to find no light leaks anywhere. I expect I'll be using the Argoflex more often.

Jim said...

#4, with the reflecting trees, is wonderful.

How did you get bokeh out of the Forty?

Mike said...

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking at. I think the out of focus areas are suitably unremarkable. The camera has a 9-blade aperture diaphragm, and I don't see much difference between large and small apertures in the images.

Dirk said...

I envy you for your light.
With us, everything is gray.
That's four nice pictures.
Goose whisperer!)

Mike said...

Funny isn't it? We look forward to the rare gray days here. There were two geese in the middle of the pond. One swam right over to me, and then followed along as I walked to a clear opening on the bank. Then, it walked up on the bank and started eating grass not three feet from me. Not a bit bothered as I moved around to get different shots.

Dirk said...

Sunshine in, it goes out!, with the Click and the Altissa Box.
So what would be my first excursion with the 6x6 format!
I could only see pictures of the swans, with great caution!

Mike said...

It is surprising how a simple camera allows you to see things in new ways, and to capture photos you would likely not get with more sophisticated gear. I'm due for an outing with my Jem Jr.

Dirk said...

And I thought you go out with a guitar.:D
I've read your history of Jem jr..
Again, a camera that you do not get in Germany.
But since i'm a big fan of Balda cameras.
The Frontbox/Rollbox i've always wanted.
Earlier, it should always be a Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor, but which is too sharp, right?

Julio F said...

Beautiful pictures, the last one deserves being on any wall.