Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Warm Spring Day

Using TMAX 400 proved to be a good combination with the Argoflex Forty, giving me enough depth of field to keep everything focused along with adequate speed.  The film's great exposure latitude also dealt well with the contrasty light.  The only problem I encountered was with the proximity of the fastest 1/150 speed setting to the "B"; I bumped the lever and lost the last two shots on the roll.


Bill in St. Paul said...

Those are very nice photos of the festival or dance. As I looked at them, I thought that it would be difficult for me to follow action like that well with a TLR. Then I recalled (and rechecked on your site) that the VF on the Argus 40 is not a focussing one: it seems to me that could be an advantage in such a situation-- sometimes less can be more. Anyway, good photos on that nice spring day.

Mike said...

Being able to shoot at f22 meant that I didn't have to worry much about critical focus. The nice lens on the Argoflex and the 6x6 format also lets one do some pretty extreme cropping if necessary.

Dirk said...

The pictures bring the mood across well.
Like the tint / color.