Thursday, September 24, 2009

happy ducks

Selena brought Cate to meet us at Tingley Beach. The ducks held us captive briefly, but agreed to let us go following Cate's offering of all her Cheerios.

The camera was one of two Voigtländer Vito II which I recently acquired for shamefully low prices. A Vito was responsible for most of the photos and all the color that I shot on a trip to Greece a few years ago. Both the new ones have Compur-Rapid shutters that go to 1/500 and beautiful Color Skopar lenses. After I've done a bit more work with them, I'll update my web page on the Vito.

1 comment:

Julio F said...

A beautiful baby!

Those ducks seem very relaxed and happy. You must have gotten really close to them.

Congratulations on your Vito score - they seem the higher end. Wonderful little cameras with amazing lenses.