Saturday, September 26, 2009

2926 Update

The restoration team held an open house this morning to show off their progress on the locomotive.

The Santa Fe 2926 was one of the last steam locomotives built in the U.S. It was operated from 1944 to 1953, travelling about a million and a quarter miles, often at speeds near 100 mph.

Recently, the cab was lifted back into place, and a set of new flue tubes have been purchased at a cost of $75,000. The ultrasound testing of the boiler showed no important problems, and the restorers project a new sense of optimism about getting the massive machine back on the tracks within a year or so.

These b&w photos were shot with one of my recently acquired Voigtländer Vito II cameras. I also did some color with a medium format camera from the same era, an Argoflex 40. I should have those negatives back from the lab on Monday.

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