Thursday, September 17, 2009

rainy day


Julio F said...

Very expressive portraits. I think that the second one is outstanding.

cameratakesphotos said...

LOVE your zoo shots!

Mike said...

I enjoy the challenges of shooting in the zoo. The snow leopards are good models, but their enclosure is very dark. I am shooting Kodak 400 BW (C-41) and using a 135mm Mamiya-Sekor with a 2x telextender. With that combination, I have the lens wide-open and the shutter on the Pentax is at 100 or 250 handheld. Pretty much on the edge of what is possible. I've thought about using one of the 1600-speed films, but none of the results I've seen have the fine grain and tonal qualities that I like in the 400-speed C-41 b&w.

I really like b&w film for zoo shooting and am a little surprised to find that almost nobody in the many Flickr zoo groups are using it. Sign of the times, I guess.