Thursday, September 03, 2009

Argus A2F

I've wanted one of these cameras for a long time. I'll get into the reasons for that further along. Suffice for now to note that the A2F is a pre-war model, just like me; and I paid $15 for this one, which is what it cost new. Of course, 1940 dollars were worth over ten times the value of the 2009 greenbacks.


Julio F said...

Well done! That Argus seems sharp as a needle. The lens has good contrast as well.

Thanks for the post about Fassin, very interesting.

Mike said...

I used Kodak Gold 200 as the test roll mostly because that is what I had on hand. It was probably ok, though, as errors in exposure and light leaks are more obvious in color. I didn't find any leaks, but the shutter does seem a bit slower than the rated speeds. Taking that into account, I'll try some 100-speed b&w in the next round. I'm looking forward to the results. The lens is certainly sharp enough, and has the rather extraordinary capacity to focus down to 15 inches.