Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

I went to the newly moved,re-opened, and renamed National Museum of Nuclear Science & History yesterday. I was nearly the first in the door at 9:00 AM, and had the place nearly to myself for an hour. The exhibits are very nicely done, but the main attraction for me was the backyard where several old aircraft have been installed, including a B-29 and a B-52. There are also a number of missiles which were surprisingly interesting, partially because they are in pieces and one can appreciate the artistry of their construction and design.


robert said...

They have a 1950's or 60's sci-fi movie feel, to me anyway. Artistry in WMD who would of thought !

Mike said...

Yes, there is quite a lot of unacknowledged irony in these exhibits. The realities of WWII and the Cold War are overlaid with a lot of rather trite nostalgia for the '40s and '50s.