Thursday, April 23, 2009


There is an old dump near the river with acres of glass bottles and jars. The surface is an undulating mosaic of shiny shards. Around the edges, bottle collectors systematically harvest unbroken examples, digging them free and sorting them into small piles of similar types. I never see them working there, but the piles and arrangements are always different at each visit.


Jerry Vest said...

Beautiful picture, Mike. At first glance I see a gorgeous relic, with a golden rim--looks like these bottles belong in a museum and your pictures should be displayed in our great Art Galleries.

Wow!!! You continue to amaze me with your work and your contibutions are enormous for this art form -- you are the Best...thanks.


Mike said...

Hey, Jerry!
Very nice to hear from you.

Donel said...

Very beautiful! It is interesting what time does to glass. Some turn green, others purple. What a find to photograph one that looks so irridescent almost like a Tiffany or Loetz (sp) I wish I could find of sheet of glass that looks like this to cut and use in a window. This also reminds me of the photograph you took of the wall of graffiti under the bridge in Glenns Ferry. Very Nice. Thank you

Mike said...

I took Margaret there last weekend, and she brought home a purple glass bottle. They never seem to look quite the way you hoped when you get them home. It is a pretty neat place, though, as the big patch of yerba mansa I have been photographing is right there too.