Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Time

It is hard to understand how we survived the Cold War years with the vast proliferation of these weapons.

I went back this time to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History with my pinhole camera. I was testing a newly-poked pinhole; it worked ok, but I think I can get a bit more from thinner material which will cut down diffraction.

Coincidentally, I came across an interesting link from the same time period today via the Design Observer web site illustrating some sliderule-type calculators for determining the effects of blast and radiation from nuclear weapons.


robert said...

Wow,great images, I feel like I'm on the set of Dr. Strangelove!! The effect on the clouds with that pinhole camera are well suited for the aeronautical subject matter.

Julio F said...

Those are great pinholes! The perspective of wide angle and the light fall-off in those machines makes for nice effects.

You should get at these again with the VUSW!

Mike said...

The museum is a nice new resource for trying out different photographic approaches. I'll probably get around to the vivitar before long, as well as some color.
It would also be a great place to do some kite aerial photography.