Sunday, November 13, 2022

In The Neighborhood

 Our local film photography group met at a park near our home and then went to one of the Old Town coffee shops.  I took along my Leica IIIa with the Elmar 3.5/50.

I finished off the roll of Kentmere while walking the dog the next day.  

I haven't used the Elmar 3.5/50 much, but it always performs well and I intend to start using it more often.  The Hektor 4.5/135 is also a fine lens.  Mine looks like it might never have been used, and I think I understand that having tried to get pictures with it a couple times.  The telephoto needs a lot brighter rangefinder than I have on the Leica IIIa, and the accessory viewfinder seems just too awkward in use to be practical.  I should probably find a new home for Hektor.

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