Saturday, January 10, 2015

Argoflex Forty Fix

The Argoflex Forty is one of my favorite cameras, but I haven't shot it much as it has been plagued by an intermittent light leak.  I thought I fixed it several times with layers of black tape over the back, but sunny day photo outings proved me wrong.

I finally figured out with the help of a bright little LED that the light was sneaking by the side of the slightly loose-fitting shutter release button.  The inner cone of the camera comes out with the removal of two screws, revealing the shutter release and double-exposure prevention mechanism.  I glued a small square of fuzzy light seal material beside the shutter release shaft and that seems finally to have done the trick.

None of the pictures on the last roll through the camera showed any light leaks.


JR Smith said...

That Argus makes nice images! Love the one of the wagon.

Jim Grey said...

Every time you use this camera I want to buy one for myself. I've been charmed by these pseudo-TLRs since I owned a Duaflex II as a boy, but I've never been terribly impressed by their capability. The Argoflex 40 looks to have a nice lens.

Mike said...

I saw one today on ebay minutes from the auction's end going unsold at the two buck starting price. I almost felt compelled to buy it even though mine is working fine at the moment. It does have a very nice lens, the variable apertures and speeds make it a lot more versatile than the average box camera. And, most importantly for me, the big, brilliant finder really helps with compostion.

Julio F said...

That is an imposing bird in the last one.