Wednesday, January 07, 2015


A local pro gone digital gave me a big bunch of film about five years ago.  I used up most of it except for a couple rolls of Provia slide film which I chucked in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator.  Since I've started doing my own color recently, it seemed like the time had come to try cross processing the Provia.

I loaded the film in my Ansco Panda and shot up the roll between my place and the Old Town Plaza.

The outdoor shots were all over-exposed and green tinged.  The indoor shots showed much less of a color shift.  I'm not a big fan of cross processing, but it was an interesting experiment.  I might just try the remaining roll of Provia for some interior or night shots.


Jim Grey said...

Once a long time ago you remarked on how you can't predict how your images will appear on the Internet. I was reminded of that when this post showed up on my phone's feed reader using an inadvertently great crop of the second image. I took a screen cap so you could see it. It's here:

Mike said...

Thanks, that's a definite improvement.

A related issue is the use of thumbnails. I've always found it somewhat disconcerting when I observe people looking at my blog or the web site and note that they are not bothering to click on the thumbnail images to see the full-size versions. As a partial solution, I've slightly enlarged the blog's left-hand column to allow presenting the images extralarge so there is no real need to click on them. When I started up my web site a decade ago a lot of people including me were still using phone lines and a modem to connect to the web. Over-sized pictures really dragged down page delivery then, but it is much less a problem now.