Monday, January 19, 2015

diy color

This is my setup for color film processing.

If you search the web for tips on doing your own C-41 color film processing you will find people suggesting rather elaborate temperature control schemes, often involving aquarium heaters, turkey roasters or expensive rotary agitators.  None of that is necessary if, like me, you are mostly processing one roll at a time.  I just run some hot water into a plastic pan into which I put the developer, blix and stabilizer to warm to the recommended temperatures.  When the developer reaches 102 deg. I pour it into the developing tank, turn off the hot water and set the tank in the pan.  Since development only takes 3.5 minutes, there is very little temperature change that takes place.  The blix phase is less critical in regard to time and temperature, and the stabilizer goes in at room temperature.   I have developed nineteen rolls of color film using this method and the one-liter Unicolor kit and have not seen any unusual color shifts or other processing problems.  Below are some shots from my last roll shot on Fuji 200 in my Contessa 35.


Jim Grey said...

You are removing any fears I had about processing my own color.

I know, I know, I've been talking about doing my own processing for years now and keep not doing it. But when I do finally take that step, I won't shy away from color.

Nice contrasts from your Contessa. But then, I've come to expect that from Zeiss Ikon lenses.

Mike said...

I've had better luck with the Unicolor kit lately than with b&w which I have been doing for years. The problem is that the availability of films and chemicals has been undergoing constant change recently.

Julio F said...

Good work again. I got a Fuji 200 roll to be processed at the only remaining lab here, just to remember that film can also do color. The Unicolor process seems simpler than some B&W technique.

Mike said...

The Unicolor kit is the best buy in color processing by quite a good margin. I like the short development time as it minimizes the issue of temperature control. It is something of a puzzle as to why only Freestyle carries this product.