Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Neptune Project

The Neptune Project is a fabulous blog about making photographs with old and simple cameras.  Alice and Jem have only been on line with this blog for about four months, but they have already posted a huge amount of information about using their collection of old cameras to make some terrific images.  How a young couple with a bunch of kids and presumably the need to make a living can accomplish something of such outstanding value is hard to imagine.  I could ramble on, but just head over there to see for yourself and leave an encouraging comment or two.


Jim said...

I love it when you link to valuable stuff like this.

Dirk said...

Me too, Jim! ... Thanks Mike!
Such personal links do not exist in my country (germany).
Because there is the envy, one of the reasons why I'm leaving the german photo forums.
Anyway, i'm going to make a craft night with my wife,
we tinker together a Gakkenflex aka Recesky! I am glad that you have fun with the Voigtlander.Bye...Dirk.