Sunday, July 22, 2012


Albuquerque shuts down a large stretch of Central Avenue a couple times each year for street fairs, which always include a car show as well as loud music and lots of people.  Always a good opportunity to exercise the old cameras.  My little Voigtländer Brilliant performed brilliantly; hard to believe the sharpness of the modest 7.7 Voigtar.

Meanwhile, the Olympus XA is, not surprisingly, more nimble on the street.  Mine like most has a rather dim rangefinder, but I pre-set it to f11 and 8 ft. and it got the job done.


caught in the headlights


Jim said...

Love seeing that swamp cooler on the '50 Chevy. The XA got some nice color in that shot.

Norman Montifar said...

I agree, I like the colors of Olympus XA shots too. I used to have a XA in the 1980's and remembered having a hard time focusing with it's dim rangefinder, that is why I prefer the scale focusing of the XA2.

Mike said...

I had the thought at the time that I might have been better off with the XA2. The XA does give you a bit more control over exposure, and I was happy with the juggler shot which gave me the combination of sharp and blur that I was looking for. For no-fuss availability, though, I think the XA2 is a better bet.