Tuesday, July 03, 2012

cool ride

We were riding our bikes one morning recently over near the Albuquerque Hotel when I noticed a welder working on this improbable vehicle.

I wheeled in through the gate of the place and snapped a couple  pictures with the vuws.  Turns out that the machine is a prop for a film being shot in town.


Jim said...

Looks like some sort of funky train engine or something. The VUWS sure seems like the perfect camera to casually have along when you're on your bike.

Mike said...

It's a marvelous little camera. The VUWS group is one of the few I consistently follow on Flickr.

Mike said...

Most of the anonymous posts are spammers, so I generally ignore or delete them. Sorry to have missed your question earlier.

Kodak stopped making 116 film about 1980. You can use 120 film in your camera with some small modifications. I have an article about using 120 film in 116 cameras on my vintage cameras web site. Look in the Camera Restoration link on the main page.

I'll send this along in an email as well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Julio F said...

Nice iron monster, excellent subject for the VUWS.