Tuesday, July 10, 2012

slow news day

A reporter from the UNM student paper, the Daily Lobo, stumbled on my blog recently.  He came by, we chatted about old cameras for an hour and he took some ttv shots through the viewfinder of my Mamiya camera.

Photo by Junfu Han
My grandmother's old Ansco Folding Buster Brown somehow got transformed into a "professional" camera in the course of the interview.  Still, it's nice to see the picture of her holding the camera while sitting in the canoe.  It seems likely that my grandfather was the photographer on that occasion, though there is no way of verifying that now nearly a century later.  I'm guessing that would have been one of my grandmother's favorite pictures of herself.


Jim said...

Nice press, and a clever TTV shot.

Ger said...

You will need a PR man/woman soon mike ;)