Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Getting Closer

 I picked up an accessory close-up lens set for my Yashica-Mat recently.  To my surprise, I managed to misframe all the shots on the first roll of film I put through the camera using the new lenses. 

I had assumed that I would need to aim high to get the image properly centered as I do with my Mamiya C330.  However, it turns out that the Yashica close-up viewing lens is constructed to automatically compensate for parallax error.  So, the Yashica-Mat is actually somewhat easier to use than the C330 which really requires the Paramender on a tripod to properly capture the image on film as it is seen in the viewfinder.  Close-ups with the Yashica-Mat also do not require any exposure compensation as is the case when the C330 bellows is cranked out for close shots.

A tripod is actually a good idea with both cameras as depth of focus at close distances is very narrow.


These two shots were made with the normal 80mm lens which provides greater DOF.


Anonymous said...

The upper lens on your close-up set points down a little bit. So when you frame the taking lens is aiming at the right position. The Rollei Rolleinar functions the same way. Rollei sold 3 powers of their Rolleinars. I'm not sure if Yashica offered other magnifications.

Mike said...

Right. I think I got it right on the next roll. Mine is a No.2.