Sunday, February 02, 2020

Nikon F

I picked up this Nikon F recently from Craigslist at a price good enough to where I could justify the purchase just for the plain eyelevel finder which I wanted to use on my F2.

As it turns out, the camera is in mechanically perfect condition sixty years after it was made.  I never thought I would have one, so I'm thrilled at the possibility of actually putting it to use.  I ran a quick test roll of Arista.Edu through the camera to verify my initial impressions.

Margaret has always had amazing hair.

Cate has turned eleven.
More to come.


JR Smith said...

The camera that started it all for Nikon. Looks like loads of fun!

Mike said...

It never occurred to me before now how much the F resembles the Nikon S rangefinder which I had in the early '60s. Really a nice link back to those days.

Jim Grey said...

Oh dear, you've stoked my camera lust. This is just the F I'd want. Enjoy it! Looking forward to more work from you using yours.

JR Smith said...

Yes, I had a Nikon rangefinder as well and I still have an F body that needs a CLA at some point. Many people call the F a Nikon S with a pentaprism grafted on top!

Mike said...

No foam light seals in the back is certainly a plus. The mirror bumper looks new. The shutter is the quietest of any of my SLRs.