Saturday, March 30, 2019


I've had some inconsistent results from my home film processing lately, so I decided to try to iron out some of the variables in the process. I got a new bottle of HC110 developer and a new digital thermometer from Freestyle along with a batch of TMAX and Tri-X film. I am thinking I will also do more stand and semi-stand developing as that makes time and temperature less important as well as providing some improvement in b&w tonal qualities. The last couple rolls I shot were processed normally in HC110 dilution B, so I'll try the next couple using semi-stand for comparison.

We have had some good ballooning weather lately.  This Stars and Stripes model came slowly down our street last Sunday at just over roof level.  I grabbed the Leica and walked along with the balloon thinking I might get some shots of a landing as that was pretty clearly what the pilot was aiming for.  However, there were really no likely landing spots on the course chosen by the wind, so about six blocks on the pilot gained some altitude and speed and left me behind.

A few days later I took my Retina Reflex loaded with another roll of TMAX 100 to the botanic garden.  I was the first one through the gate at 9:00 AM and it was nice to have the place to myself except for a few groundskeepers doing their watering and weeding.

Today is Cesar Chavez Day in Albuquerque, so I'm hoping to get to the celebration at the Hispanic Cultural Center with the Minolta X-700 and some Tri-X.   Lots of new photo opportunities on the horizon with the arrival of Spring.


Jim Grey said...

Look forward to your results from stand/semi-stand. I wish spring would hurry up and arrive in Indiana. I have unslaked photo-walk thirst.

Mike said...

I use a semi-stand routine that I got from hjlphotos ( It fits the films and developer I favor and is simple to implement.

JR Smith said...

I like the Retina shots a lot! Seems like that film and lens are made for each other. It's so satisfying when everything works so well together, isn't it?

Mike said...

The Xenon on all the Retinas is phenomenal. I just order a 35mm to use on the Reflex. It is just a three-element little thing that replaces the front group. I believe it will also work on the Iic, so that should be interesting.

Gustavo Goncalves said...

Great pictures!

Mike said...

Muito obrigado, Gustavo!
I'm wondering if you are going to find a new on line site for your photographs now that Google+ is closing down?