Friday, January 29, 2016

A couple more pinholes

I took the pinhole for a walk through the Piedras Marcadas rock art site on the west side of Albuquerque.  I was pleased with the pictures, though I don't know that I'll find a use for them in my current book project.

I had a great walk.  The sun was warm enough to make me regret wearing a winter coat.  Half way to the bear shaman glyph I was greeted by a coyote chorus.  Also saw lots of birds: road runners, doves and rock wrens.

I like the pinhole camera for the way its pictures reflect my feelings as I stand in front of the work of the ancient image makers.  I always have the sensation in such places that the great expanse of time since the images were made is really part of an unbroken continuum in which those original artists and I somehow exist simultaneously.


Jim Grey said...

These are lovely. I like how the drawings themselves are the strong focus of each image, crisp and well lit.

Mike said...

Pinhole images always have a brighter center area due to the way the image is formed at the film plane. I try to keep that in mind in composing the pictures. It gets to be a challenge when making low angle shots. Even though the standard lens viewfinder on my camera only shows a small portion of the pinhole's field of view it is helpful in locating what will be the center of the image if you can get your eye down there.

Keith said...

Mike, I may have missed this, but which pinhole cameras are you using?

I have a nice wooden one, made in China, but see now that I have a couple of cardboard kits (presents from friends) that I need to put together. Most of my pinhole work so far has been digital.



Mike said...

All of my pinhole cameras have been converted film cameras where I have just substituted a pinhole for the lens. The one I have used most is made from an old Agfa folder. There is a picture of the camera in a previous post about making pictures of aircraft: