Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Don't miss these on line exhibits

  Seventh Avenue | Berenice Abbott 
Manhattan in the 1930's
Berenice Abbott's great portrait of fast changing NYC (in The Week)

Moving Freely, and Photographing in Marseille
Joan Liftin's street photography (in The NY Times)

These are two terrific photographers of the urban scene who are polar opposites in terms of technique.  Abbott's expansive, minutely detailed views of The City were made with a large format camera, often from precarious heights.  Liftin works fast and close to capture movement and emotion with the nimbleness of  a modern dancer.


Jim Grey said...

I looked at both. The Marseille set didn't speak to me; all but a few seemed to me to be casually shot, barely composed. Maybe I was missing the point? But I loved the '30s New York set, especially the high wide shots. I'm sure my enjoyment was influenced by liking photos from the past as I like to imagine what life was like then, but many of the photos struck me as well composed and full of interesting detail.

Mike said...

I liked the Marseille set. I thought it curious though that someone on the Times staff would misidentify a seagull as a pigeon in that next-to-last shot.