Friday, August 24, 2012

Anscoflex II Origens

Quite a bit of the history of Ansco can be found at Bill's Photo History site, including a well-detailed chronology of the company and a full page of Ansco protoype pictures.  The picture below shows some color treatments which Ansco considered for the Anscoflex II before settling on the basic gray of the the production model.


Jim said...

What an interesting and unusual camera. The lens seems sharp enough in the center.

Mike said...

I let too many variables creep into the process on my first outing with the camera. Quite a few shots were compromised by lens flare because a corner of the image contained a bit of bright sky. The speed and aperture are 1/60 and f11, which I found a little awkward using tmax 100 and developing in Rodinal.

I'll try to get things under better control with the next batch, including the use of a tripod to rule out camera movement.

As it turned out, my portrait subject liked the Anscoflex shot better than those from two other good cameras. So not a total loss.

Jim said...

It's a great portrait. No wonder she likes it!