Sunday, August 12, 2012

Car Show Camera

I took my Argus C3 to a Sunday car show in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.  Seemed the perfect camera for such an event.

I picked up this C3 at a yard sale not long ago along with several other cameras.  The fellow was selling about everything he owned and going back to Sweden for surgery on a cancer the doctors here said was inoperable.  I didn't need yet another C3, but it seemed like a worthy cause to support.

This is one of the later models with features like the Matchmatic, but it has standard shutter speeds and f-stops.  The coated Cintar is well-recessed into the mount, so not much need to use a lens shade.  I opened up the rangefinder from the top and got everything sparkly clean.  A little cleaning and lube on the gear teeth got the dials turning smoothly.  The shutter needed no attention, though I did reposition the cocking lever so it would be less likely to catch a finger.

1 comment:

Julio F said...

Perfect - those classics shine through the Argus lens.

You must have the rangefinder well adjusted.