Monday, June 25, 2012

Left-Handed Salute

Last Saturday's car show presented some rather extreme lighting conditions.  It seemed a good opportunity to try the XA2 again as my previous outing with it showed some exposure inconsistencies.

I held my left hand over the top of the camera throughout the roll of Fuji 200, and it seemed to me that the exposure was good in all the shots.  At the end of the roll I tried recreating the problem, but only saw a slight color shift when I shot without shading the meter sensor.  So, I'm left wondering if the problem I saw before was due to some other issue.


Jim said...

Nice job on the '58 Impala -- great range of color and a nice reflection of the car (an old Mopar?) next to it.

ger said...

brilliant quality from the film mike, stylish as always.

Julio F said...

Your XA2 did very well on these somewhat tricky exposure situations. Maybe the shadow from your left hand helped! Very harsh light in several pictures of this series.