Sunday, June 17, 2012

No.1 Pocket Kodak

The totem was shot on TMAX 100, while the bed and breakfast was captured on TMAX 400.  Both gave good results, but I usually prefer the faster film as it gives me a little leeway in estimating focal distances, and most of the old Kodak lenses seem to perform best at near to their smallest f-stop.

I was able to plug the pinhole that showed up in my first shots with this camera.  I see now, however, that there is a small problem with the "B" and "T" shutter settings which only work intermittently.  The problem may have appeared as a result of using a cable release that was not a good fit with the shutter.  The simple shutters in these old cameras are often made with soft pressed metal parts which are easily bent out of shape.  It is worth looking for an early cable release with a flat rather than tapered tip, and which also doesn't have excessive throw which projects too far into the shutter.  Seems like a lot of trouble at times to get good images from these old folders, but it is nice when it happens.


robert said...

The texture and detail you get from that lens is beautiful. How large is the totem? You look to be fairly close.

Mike said...

The totem pole stands in the courtyard of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology in Albuquerque. Kind of out of place in this climate, but it has been a nice test subject for several of my old cameras.