Friday, June 24, 2011

On the water

My Zorki 2-C performed flawlessly on the Portland trip; it's a favorite among my FSU cameras. The pictures from the boat were all with the Industar 22 lens.

I would have done more pictures with the Zorki, but I forgot to put my scissors in the camera bag and had no way to trim the film leader.


Norman Montifar said...

Wonderful set, Mike.

robert said...

These are all great shots, expertly composed. I like how the last one looks like the prow of a boat.

Anonymous said...

I am most drawn to the ropes and buoys in this set.

The prowlike bit in the bottom photo is to encourage things that float by to go around -- if it were flat, things would collect there.

Julio F said...

Great waterscapes, all of them. I like those ropes and boats. Up to your usual fine standards of composition, Mike!

Those old Zorkis have very decent lenses, and the I-22 makes for a very compact set.

Andrea Ingram said...

Love these Mike. I must say my Zorki6 is my fav camera