Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Steel Bridge

Completed in 1912, the Steel Bridge crosses the Willamette to Portland's city center. Counterweights in the towers raise the center section to allow passage of boats.

The camera for these shots was one of my frequent travel companions, the Ikonta A 520.


robert said...

Amazing structures and great photos of their complexity and design.

Mike said...

Thanks, Robert. I only managed a few hours of camera time in Portland, but it was great fun. Albuquerque doesn't offer much in the way of architectural subjects, and the Portland bridges were a real treat for me. I've got a few more shots which I will post as they are scanned.

Wilmer Geraci said...

That's a steel bridge at its finest. Looking at the steel used as supports will make you wonder how much time and money it will take if this was constructed today. It's amazing how it's still standing today, despite being tested by time. Anyways, that's great shot of a historical bridge and railroad, Mike! Cheers!