Saturday, April 16, 2011


Albuquerque's car show season got underway today at Worldwide Automotive where all comers got a free lube, oil and mechanical check. Quite a few of the cars will likely show up in mid-May at the Albuquerque Museum 27th Annual Car Show.


robert said...

I miss the look of chrome on vehicles, not the polishing though!

Julio F said...

Very nice captures of chrome and black, not easy in the sun. This is a good test of your developing flow. I'm awed by someone who has mastered TMax 100.

The last one must be an E-type if I'm not mistaken.

I believe our Army still runs trucks such as the one in your second picture.

Mike said...

I'm impressed you can i.d. it from the wheel alone. A larger part of it will be viewable in the next posting.

jimgrey said...

I like the Jag wheel best. But then, it's hard to get a bad shot of a Jag.

I'm looking forward to the annual muscle car auction we have here in Indianapolis every May. I take hundreds of photos there every year.