Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The brilliant viewfinder makes the Argoflex Forty one of my favorites. I also like it for its stealth factor -- though it looks like a cheap box camera, it has very nice picture-making capabilities due to its coated, focusable lens and reliable shutter. I haven't shot the camera much yet due to an intermittent light leak, but today I figured out that the leak was in the vicinity of the back hinge, and a strip of black tape took care of the problem.


jimgrey said...

Black tape is a camera collector's best friend, I swear.

I like the photo with the truck the best.

Nitsa said...

Mike, beautiful images! I have an Argus 75 which looks somewhat similar to your Argoflex except it has no exposure settings at all! (that's why I love it :)

Mike said...

Yes, you're right. I really shouldn't be deprecating the simple cameras as some of my best work has come from them.

Julio F said...

You get consistenly good results from this camera. Mike. I like those concentric circles of City of Albuquerque in the square frame.