Thursday, November 19, 2009


My neighbor loaned me her father's Sears KS Super outfit. The camera is a late '80s Pentax K-mount slr made by Ricoh. I was initially leery of the lack of manual shutter adjustment, but I quickly got used to shooting the camera, and the auto-exposure worked well. The 50mm normal lens was very sharp, and the kit also contained a 135 and a zoom. Seems like a nice setup for zoo shooting.

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Julio F said...

Great cat portrait. Eyes are expressive, whiskers look sharp and OOF is pleasant. Great tones in the furry face and neck.

A 135 or larger, with a decent aperture, mounted in an auto SLR is indeed a good kit for zoos. You've shown a penchant for animal portraits before, so I can't wait for the results of this loan.