Saturday, November 14, 2009

The ones that get away

I've had several fine cameras that I just haven't been able to connect with. One of those was the Minolta Autocord. There was nothing in particular that rubbed me the wrong way about the camera, and the lens was probably as good as any ever put on a twin lens reflex. I think maybe its arrival just coincided with a low point in my creative efforts. I ran a few rolls of film through the camera, and then it just sat on a shelf for a few months. I finally sent it off to a guy in Israel who had the itch for an Autocord.


Julio F said...

Well, nothing wrong with these pictures! The first is a beautiful portrait.

Got a decent Autocord locally, it is in CLA now. Looks very similar to yours. Hope it clicks for me.

Ágúst og Kolbrún said...

Well - I agree with Julio - the pictures you posted are excellent. Minolta Autocord is my favorite camera to use. I think I got some great results with mine: What do you think?

Mike said...

Looks like you are making good use of that nice tlr, Agust.