Sunday, November 29, 2009


I had one of these briefly while still in high school. It was slightly earlier than this 1951 model. Mine was about ten years old at the time and generally the subject of jokes, including a feature in the April Fools edition of the student newspaper. In fact, the Hudson had a ground-breaking design that was soon followed by the big auto makers. The car's good handling, light weight, and efficient engine allowed it to capture numerous racing titles.

The camera is the Soviet-era Fed-1g with the collapsible F2 50mm lens, also a ground-breaking design originating in Germany and improved upon by the Reds.

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Julio F said...

Beautiful car, from before the gadget-and-wings trend started.

An uncle of mine had a black Hudson similar to this one, maybe 50 years ago. I did not know that this car had been successful in races.

Those Tessar-type designs are the #1 classic lenses of all time.