Wednesday, April 04, 2012


This is the first time I've gotten to the zoo with my new zoom for the Pentax.  I was pleased with the performance of the lens.  Most of the shots were at the widest aperture, with some as low as 1/100.  The length and weight of the lens makes it a bit hard to manage, though I think the heft of the thing actually does help to steady the camera at low speeds.  I'll need some more practice at coordinating zoom and focus functions, and some kind of brace would be nice.


Jim said...

I think I like the fourth shot best, for the reddish brown of the wall against the textures of the cheetah's fur.

Mike said...

I would have preferred a faster film for these low light conditions, but the 200 Fuji was what I had. The other issue about low light is the focusing screen of the old Spotmatic which is pretty dim; it does fine with the f1.8 normal lens, but at smaller apertures it is a challenge to achieve critical focus. The widest aperture on the Yashica Zoom is f4.5, so I can't get a good focus unless I start with the zoom cranked up to the maximum. Then, you have to zoom out to get the right framing. So, that all takes some planning and smooth execution.
Seems like a lot of trouble compared to modern systems, but the 70-230 zoom range is just about ideal for the shooting opportunities one finds at the zoo.

Dirk said...

I like the gray-bearded!
Wish you and your family a happy Easter.

Mike said...

Thanks, Dirk. That photo of me over in the right column is pretty old. I'm thinking the portrait here might be a more accurate replacement.

Jim said...

Something tells me you enjoy going to all the trouble, Mike!

Julio F said...

Nice animal portraits, excellent work with your bazooka telezoom in the Zoo. I would have needed some support on the lens - you must have a very steady hand.

You got the expressions beatifully - maybe you should think about a book of animal portraits.