Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tri-X Prof (TXP) 07/1994

 I shot a roll of Tri-X Prof (TXP) in my Mamiya C330.  The expiration date on the 320 ASA film was an intimidating 07/1994, but it had been frozen. I gave the film a little extra exposure and a little more time in the developer and it performed very well.  My handling and processing, however, left something to be desired.  I lost a couple frames to poor loading onto the reel and also saw some light leak damage in some of the pictures.  The tonal values and grain were very nice in the surviving frames.

Plaza Don Luis

Plaza Vieja

I have four more rolls of this old Tri-X.  I'll try to be more careful with the processing, and I'm thinking it will be interesting to try some portraits to take advantage of the unique character of this film.


Rick said...

The tones in that Tri-x came out really nice, despite any challenges you threw at it along the way. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to handling film. I just loaded a roll into my Zero Image that I'm not too sure about. We'll have to see how the negs come out when it gets to be that time, I suppose.

Mike said...

The film's base seems thinner than modern Tri-X. I used my steel tank as I usually do with 120 film, but I may use the plastic tank and reel for the next roll.

JR Smith said...

Really nice tonal range in that plaza shot!

Mike said...

I've always liked Tri-X, but became increasingly reluctant to use it over the years as Kodak upped the price. For several years, I used the Day of the Dead Marigold Parade as an excuse to use the film. That event no longer takes place, so I'm looking forward to finding some special reasons to shoot this batch of 120.